We went with the cheapest bid for a seal coat job that appeared to be washed away after a short pierod. Our next job was performed by East Carolina Asphalt and Seal Coat Company  and the quality was no comparison. I guess you get what you pay for in the asphalt world too. "  Larry Y.  Greymor Properties

 East Carolina Asphalt & Seal Coat Company is a family owned business that has evolved over 40 + years of combined expierence. The Crabtree family take great pride in performing quality work in a professional environment. It is our goal to advise our customers to a valued solution that meets their needs. 

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  • Eddie Crabtree Sr.
  • Eddie Crabtree Jr.
  • Richard Clyde
  • Molly Crabtree

We offer a wide viariety of expertise to advise, evaluate and help provide a solution for your needs. Asphalt repairs or restoration can be perfromed as a quick "cheap fix", while it is our goal to perform work that will give our customers the best value for the longest time. We are able to give competitive pricing with quality work.